Phospho-gypsum is produced as a by-product during the manufacture of phosphoric acid by wet process. We supply the best quality phospho-gypsum found in Maharashtra. The quality & quantum of phospho- gypsum generation depends upon the quality of the phosphate rock, process route used to produce phosphoric acid, calciumsulfate generated. It is mainly composed of gypsum which is used in construction but phosphogypsum is not widely used because of its weak radioactivity.




  • Phosphorus gypsum is mostly used in cement, plaster, bricks and fertilizer industries as it is always found attractive for industrial by-products.
  • It is used in agriculture for soil amendment as fertilizer offering a number of benefits to soil and doubly serving as a source of calcium and sulfur. 
  • Phosphorus gypsum is also used in the construction industry to build cover for landfills and roads pavement.
  • It is also used in treating wastewater where phosphogypsum is mixed with hot acidic process water to create a slurry that is pumped to a disposal area on site.

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