We are the producer of Plaster of Paris which is a white powdery chemical compound hydrated calcium sulfate obtained from heating gypsum crystals at a high temperature. Plaster of Paris is so called because of its preparation from the abundant gypsum found near Paris. POP is applied in the form of quick setting paste with water. It is commonly used in sculpting, casting and gauze bandaging.


Applications –

POP has plenty of usage across several industries. From building materials to decorative arts, dentistry to the medical industry, POP is used. Constructors use POP as a protective coating on the walls and ceiling to give them a smooth finishing and fire proofing ability. False ceilings are also made up of POP.

Molding and casting agents use POP to create decorative artistic pieces, statues and showpieces. In hospitals and medical departments, orthopedics use POP to put cast around bone fractures as it provides stiffness and support to the bone and helps in quick recovery. Plaster bandages are used to fill the impressions of the patient’s neck and head in radiotherapy.

Dental clinics use Plaster of Paris to make molds or casts of the teeth for temporary purposes. Nowadays, POP is widely used in 3D printing.


  • Durability- Plaster of Paris’s durability makes it ideal for public-use buildings that need to be in place for decades as it does not shrink while setting. Therefore, it does not develop cracks on heating and setting. It dries to an extremely hard surface that is not easy to damage.
  • Artistry- Plaster of Paris is a pliable material that can be molded into many shapes and designs. It is used for molding, metal casting  and casting agents for decorative elements. 
  • Fire resistant- Plaster of Paris is a heat insulating material and can provide passive fire protection for interior surfaces as it has the ability to resist fire. It also poses low thermal conductivity that prevents heat transmission in and out of the house and reduces energy consumption.
  • Perfect finish- POP mixes up easily with water and is easy to spread and level. It gives a decorative interior finish. Its gypsum content provides it a lot of shine and smoothness.
  • Permanency- POP can be applied on a firm surface on which the colors can settle. Once applied to a surface, it cannot be removed easily. Therefore, plaster happens to be a long term solution.

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