Chemical gypsum is a co-product obtained from different acid-neutralizing industrial processes and it is mainly composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate. We are the providers of the highest quality synthetic gypsum from Orissa. Chemical gypsum comes in many forms but the most common is FGD gypsum. It is a unique by-product of gypsum, has its same characteristics, and is a high-quality and environmentally friendly product. 

Chemical gypsum has a quality of closed loop recycling. Manufacturing synthetic gypsum creates revenue from a product that otherwise incurred waste management costs. By creating a valuable product from waste, material is kept out of landfills and environmental pollution is reduced. Furthermore, increased use of synthetic gypsum conserves natural gypsum and reduces the need to mine resources. Chemical gypsum products even have benefits over natural gypsum products in terms of costs and environmental impacts.




  • Chemical gypsum can be used interchangeably with natural gypsum. It can be used in the production of cement and glass manufacturing. 
  • Just like gypsum, it is used as soil conditioner as it possesses the same characteristics like gypsum. 
  • Chemical gypsum is used in drywall which is used to cover framings on walls and ceilings and to make gypsum boards and panels.

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