Gypsum is one of the earliest forms of fertilizer used as it is a natural soil conditioner rich in essential plant nutrients like calcium and sulfur and hence, can improve overall plant growth. It also acts as a balancing agent. Improving a plant’s ability to absorb other essential nutrients necessary for growth. It also improves soil structure by loosening clay soils allowing more air and water penetration and making it porous.





  • Gypsum powder is an excellent source of calcium and sulfur which is excellent for plant nutrition and improves crop yield. Calcium stimulates growth of the plants.
  • One of the main advantages of gypsum powder is its ability to reduce toxicity and acidity in soil. It is applied on the surface and  helps the roots to grow quickly.
  • Gypsum powder is used to improve aggregation and overcome dispersion in sodic soils. It gives soil a favorable structure for proper air and water movement.
  • Gypsum powder helps to create good soil structure properties necessary to retain favorable soil-water relations for excellent plant growth.

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